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11 Jan 2011: January voucher code for rock salt and grit delivery

Ice Breaker winter grit from UK Waterfeatures

One of our retailers on this site, UK Water Features, has been in touch to tell us about a January voucher code that can be used to save on rock salt supplies.


18 Dec 2010: Your rights if the snow stops you getting to work

Sometimes you just can't risk it, whatever the boss says...

There aren’t many working days left until the Christmas break – some people have knocked off already – but with the snow expected to last well into January it’s worth knowing what your rights are if the weather forces you to miss work.


15 Dec 2010: Bookies warn white Christmas punters to beware Ts and Cs

Photo from Flickr Rinaldo W.

A white Christmas is odds-on in some parts of the country, according to bookies – but people planning on betting should be careful to read the rules before risking their money.


9 Dec 2010: Can you be sued for clearing snow from your pavement?

Is it legally safe to clear snow from outside your house?

When the cold weather hit during last winter, a lot of people who might otherwise have cleared snow from the pavements outside their house were put off for fear of being sued. But were they right to be?


4 Dec 2010: Cold spell will cost £1.2bn per day, says insurer

Shops, restaurants and bars will be in the front line of business casualties as the economy takes a hit of £1.2bn a day while the cold spell continues, according to insurers RSA.


4 Dec 2010: Aviva texts customers with tips to avoid cold-weather crisis

The insurance company Aviva, which also owns the RAC, has been texting its half-million members with tips about how to tackle the cold weather at home and on the road.


29 Nov 2010: Snowy sneak-thieves prey on cosy car-owners

Winter salt supplies icon

We’ve all done it – left the car running outside in the cold to defrost while we retreat indoors to stay toasty. But motoring groups are warning that thieves are lurking to take advantage of the easy pickings this offers them.


29 Nov 2010: Weather round-up, Monday November 29th

Winter salt supplies icon

The perils of the morning commute loom large in this morning’s weather coverage, with heavy snow, ice, drifts and record low temperatures all expected to play their part in making the journey to work a weather-driven obstacle course.


28 Nov 2010: Weather round-up, Sunday November 28th

Winter salt supplies icon

Britain faces at least a week of cold – and perhaps a lot more – according to today’s press, with wind adding to the problems thanks to drifting snow and temperatures that feel lower still.


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