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Salt spreaders - making a difficult job easier - Winter salt supplies

Salt spreaders – making a difficult job easier

It’s heavy stuff, rock salt, but fortunately the job of dishing it out onto drives, forecourts and pavements can be made easier by using a wheeled spreader.

These labour-saving devices really ease the job of spreading salt and grit onto paths, walkways, drives or car parks, helping you and others walk freely around home or workplace.

Salt spreaders come in two styles – ones you push and ones you tow – and in a variety of capacities.

Generally the wheels are large and have deep treads, to allow for better manoeuvrability, and rust resistance is highly prized as salt is nasty corrosive stuff.

Usefully, a lot of these spreaders are designed for year-round use. Salt or some other kind of ice melter in winter, then fertiliser or grass seed during other parts of the calendar when gardening is possible.

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