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Snowy sneak-thieves prey on cosy car-owners - Winter salt supplies

Snowy sneak-thieves prey on cosy car-owners

We’ve all done it – left the car running outside in the cold to defrost while we retreat indoors to stay toasty. But motoring groups are warning that thieves are lurking to take advantage of the easy pickings this offers them.

Faced with a cold morning, a colder car and a tricky commute, many drivers like to check their vehicle will start in advance of needing it – and then leave the engine on to get a head-start in dealing with iced-up windows.

Quoted in today’s Independent, the AA’s Andrew Howard said: “The trouble is, there are idiots leaving their engines running to defrost the windows and warm up the car. They go back indoors to carry on getting ready while leaving the car running. The thieves know this and will walk around looking.”

But not only are thieves well aware of the opportunity this gives them, insurers are also unimpressed by this less-than-clever behaviour.

Also in The Independent, the RAC’s Vicki Burn adds: “If they turn their engines on and go indoors and the car is stolen, the insurer won’t pay out. It is not really a very clever thing to do.”